A Little Bit of Good News for Charlie Gard's Parents

June 30, 2017Jun 30, 2017

Yesterday, Charlie Gard’s parents announced in a tear-filled video that Great Ormond Street Hospital would be turning off Charlie’s ventilator on June 30th. However, in the wake of public outrage, the hospital changed their mind at the 11th hour.

Connie Yates told The Daily Mail on Friday, “We have been in talks today with Great Ormond Street, and they have agreed to give us a little bit more time with Charlie.” However, the hospital is still blocking their requests to take their baby home.

The couple also thanked the public for the outpouring of support that has allowed them a few more hours—or days—with their son. Many people have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #jesuisCharlie or #IamCharlie to celebrate his life before he dies and to lament the hospital’s decision.

Luca Marisco, a regional councilor in Lombardy and President of the Commission of Environmental and Civil Protection, tweeted this picture in support.


Countless others have also expressed their indignation and sorrow.





Yesterday, supporters of Charlie’s parents also started a petition to the hospital to allow his parents to take him to the U.S. As of Friday morning, it already had over 69,000 signatures.

A source close to the couple told The Daily Mail that Charlie might be allowed to live through the weekend.

Connie Yates told the publication, “'We're making precious memories that we can treasure forever with very heavy hearts. Please respect our privacy while we prepare to say the final goodbye to our son Charlie.”

While there is life there is a way, so please continue to pray for this family and that the hospital’s heart may be softened to their pleas.