A Good Day For Trump: CHECK Out These Poll Numbers After His Speech To Congress

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March 01, 2017Mar 01, 2017

President Donald Trump's first address to Congress on Tuesday evening received great reviews from viewers, with 57% who tuned in saying they had a very positive reaction to the speech. This poll is according to a new CNN/ORC poll of speech-watchers.

According to the poll, 7-in-10 who watched said the President's proposed policies would move the country in the right direction and almost two-thirds said the president has the right priorities for the country.

The survey, conducted among 509 respondents with a 4.5% margin of error, showed that 57% had a “very positive” reaction to the speech, while 21% had a “somewhat positive” reaction, adding up to 78% “positive” overall. Only 21% of those who watched the speech had a “negative” reaction.

On specific issues:

Economy: 72% saying this went in the right direction.

Terrorism Proposals: 70%, said the same about his terrorism proposals.

Taxes Policies: Slightly fewer, but still a majority 64%

Immigration: 62%

Health Care: 61% were heading in the right direction.

Ideologically: about two-thirds saw Trump’s speech as about right, and 26% pegged it as too conservative. Just 8% said it wasn’t conservative enough.

Watch the Speech Here:



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