A Glitch on the Royal Family's Website May Have Spoiled the Name of New Prince

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

All over the world, fans of the royal family are waiting with bated breath for Kate and William to announce the name of their newest baby. For Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the couple announced the name within 48 hours.

It's been three days since Duchess Kate gave birth to her third child and there's still no official announcement. That aside, the wait may still be over. 

According to People, a glitch on the Royal Family's website may have revealed the first name. On the site, there are pages for several members of the family, which you can access by typing in each name following the main site’s URL: royal.uk.

You can find pages there for Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and many others. There's also supposed to be pages for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. However, when you try to access those pages, you get an "access denied screen." 

Now the telling part: if you type in royal.uk/prince-albert, you get the same page you get if you try to find George or Charlotte’s page. That seems to indicate that Albert is the little boy's first name. If you type in royal.uk/prince-arthur, you simply get a "Page Not Found" screen. 

"Albert has been a frontrunner for the new royal baby for quite some time now – British bookmakers had odds for the name as low as 5-1 at one point, and it’s easy to see why," People explained. "Albert has been a popular name in the British royal family ever since the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, it’s appeared in nearly every generation of the family in some way. It was King George VI’s birth name — the name he used before he ascended the throne and adopted his regnal name in 1936 following his brother’s abdication. It’s also one of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry’s middle names. If Albert is in fact the baby’s name, we might be able to take it as a nod to the little boy’s uncle."

Of course, the second prince's name isn't official until William and Kate announce the news themselves. We'll see how accurate this glitch was when they finally announce the name. 

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