Democrat Comes To Trump's Defense On Wiretapping! Makes Shocking Admission About Obama's Administration!

March 13, 2017Mar 13, 2017

When President Trump claimed he was under surveillance from the Obama administration and was wiretapped during the election process, critics immediately called the President's allegations false.

Many people said there was no evidence to support President Trump's remarks and that the President should apologize for his statements.

However, since President Trump has spoken out, many other people are coming to his defense and saying they have good reasons to believe him. One democrat, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, even said he was wiretapped while on a phone call with a foreign leader.

"I was on a phone call with a foreign leader from Lybia. The General Counsel of the House had basically approved that call and told me I could talk with him and said it was my right as a congressman. And I found out two years after I left office that call was in fact tapped. That it was intercepted. That some intel agency, for whatever reason, had the whole call. And the Washington Times had the whole call and played it back for me at a restaurant I met them at in Washington D.C." said Kucinich.

Watch the clip below and hear Congressman Kucinich openly discuss the wiretapping that occurred when he was in office, during President Obama's administration.

What do you think about this? Do you believe the allegations that President Trump was put under secret surveillance during the election season?

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