A security cam captures UPS delivery guy fighting uphill battle against icy driveway for customer

This UPS delivery driver’s effort captured on security cam might just be the most dedicated employee ever.

The unnamed man was supposed to deliver a package to an area that had been affected by an ice storm two years ago.

As expected, the driver encountered slippery roads and sidewalks, but the treacherous weather conditions didn’t keep him from doing his job.


Walt Gorczowski couldn’t be more grateful to the UPS delivery person for ensuring he still received his package despite the freezing weather. The cherry on top was how it was delivered.

At the time, Walt’s sloping driveway was covered with “super slippery” wet ice from the storm.

“I heard the UPS truck pull up so I opened the garage and told him to just leave the package at the sidewalk and I’d figure out a way to get it, but he insisted on getting it to me,” Walt said.

The UPS driver stepped out from his truck to discover how slippery the driveway was. The man carefully maneuvered up the side of the brown truck before settling down on the bumper at its rear.

A UPS driver delivering a package amid icy conditions

He spotted Walt at the top of the driveway, and he lined himself up, preparing for his next move. He then put his foot on the bumper, and he jumped off the truck.

The box then smoothly glided up the driveway out of the delivery guy’s hands as he went flopping on his belly right after. Meanwhile, the package slid right into Walt’s outstretched arms.

Walt was still lying on the ice and the UPS driver gave Walt his thumbs up before rolling over onto his bum to make his way down to the truck.

The whole encounter was captured by Walt’s home security camera, and he knew it was too good not to be shared. He uploaded the video to YouTube, where it has been viewed over 36 million times!

“Above and beyond… this guy is awesome,” wrote Walt on the video’s caption.

A UPS driver delivering a package amid icy conditions

The comments received thousands of views, with most of them praising driver’s efforts.

“His thumbs up while flat on the ice is what truly elevates this video,” said one.

“That driver is amazing! I hope UPS rewarded him for going above and beyond to deliver that package,” another commented.

“This just goes to show how some drivers go to the extreme extends to get us our packages.”

A UPS driver delivering a package amid icy conditions

Some even offered marketing ideas.

“This man needs his own commercial series of making difficult deliveries. His work ethic is on point,” one wrote.

“Ups should seen these and make a commercial out of this. No matter how hard, it will get delivered,” another agreed.

UPS reached out to its Facebook users to find out the employee’s identity. It seems that they never got his name.

“We’d love to recognize the driver. Please email us the details to help@ups.com.” they wrote.

A UPS driver delivering a package amid icy conditions

UPS states that UPS drivers are busiest between Thanksgiving & Christmas. In 2019, UPS estimated that they would be delivering more than 32 million packages per hour in the U.S. and around the globe, a 60% increase from their daily volume in the off-peak season.

Delivery driver is a demanding job that requires dedication, and this man certainly has those qualities!

Click the video to see this UPS driver in action.

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