A Modern Day Origin Story

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The media, television and film industries have been saturated in superhero content over the past two decades. Every year, it feels like there’s a new blockbuster film showcasing the origin story of the latest and greatest superhero. Heroes and villains aren’t the only ones with origin stories, though. Ever wonder how the businesses that we see every day came to be? There has been a significant influx in entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers into the market over the past few years. Each one has their own unique origin story.

The Ember Fund is a web3 platform that allows investors to access the world of cryptocurrency investing directly from their desktops. Their innovative application today allows over 700,000 people to invest in digital assets in a way that is normally reserved for Accredited investors and investors with a net worth greater than $200,000. Ember Fund believes that everyone–not just the rich–should have the same access to elite investing opportunities. The more we educate ourselves about blockchain technology and adopt cryptocurrencies, the better our global financial system will become.

Who is Ember Fund?

It can be helpful to understand the leadership of the Ember Fund before we get into the details of the Ember Fund application.

The Ember Fund was originally imagined by three technologists who worked at GumGum to develop modern-day AI technology. Their AI technology was cutting-edge and could have a significant impact. These three AI professionals make up the Ember Fund’s C-suite leadership.

Entrepreneurs Alex Wang, Guillaume Torche and Mario Lazaro were the ones who led the creation and development of Ember Fund. Wang was previously the GumGum lead product manager and was aware of the dangers of AI being used to centralize power. He has been investing in crypto since 2016 and felt the call to help democratize finance and create a more equitable society.

Ember Fund’s technology and blockchain strategy is managed by Torche. Not only that, but he also built and developed Ember’s backend. Most importantly, however, the master of Computer Science was also the main architect behind the elite workflow which allows for crypto gifting. Torche is an expert at blockchain technology, smart contract design, and data engineering in general. Torche was previously the Chief Technology Officer of Ember Fund.

Finally, Lazaro serves as the Chief Information Officer of Ember Fund. He is an expert in building Ethereum smart contracts and was a major contributor to the Set Protocol codebase. Before founding Ember Fund, Wang and Torche led the Ad Server group at GumGum. It was the second-largest engineering team at the company at that point.

Ember Fund founders have been investing in cryptocurrency through multiple cycles and have a solid understanding of blockchain technologies.

Before the Fund was established

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency became popular in 2016 as a result. At first, the various blockchain technologies didn’t garner that much more attention than their predecessors like eCash in the 1990s, or B-Money about a decade later.

Bitcoin was different. Bitcoin launched in 2008 through the publication of a whitepaper, but it wasn’t until after the wake of the housing market crash that Bitcoin started to gain a lot of recognition in the public eye.

This is because cryptocurrency presented an opportunity for the development of a financial system that wasn’t reliant on a single government, so the concept of decentralization spread like wildfire as the solution to counter the centralized power of the central banks.

This is what attracted the attention of the founders who were working at GumGum. The concept of a decentralized financial platform that puts the power of wealth creation in the hands of everyday consumers was the idea behind Ember Fund. However, this still wasn’t quite enough of a kick in the pants to launch Ember Fund. But not yet.

The Inspiration to Get it off the Ground

After they were introduced to the mainstream market, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency generated a lot opulence. Many consumers couldn’t wait to jump into the new world of digital financing that seemed to offer limitless potential, profits, and financial gains.

As with any new market space, there were (and still remain) flaws in the various blockchain platforms. The main culprit is human corruption, greed and irresponsible risks-taking. The emergence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology was seen as an opportunity for malicious users to exploit unwitting consumers who are less tech-savvy. This ill intent quickly earned blockchain technology a bad reputation for being unstable, shady and unsustainable as reliable currencies.

Alex Wang, Guillaume Torche, Mario Lazaro, and Mario Lazaro felt it was the right time to take the plunge. The mission is to offer vetted investments wrapped in portfolios that have been carefully crafted and are auto-rebalanced. Contrary to other DeFi platforms that required Metamasks or other cumbersome onboarding experiences, the cofounders designed user-friendly navigation with educational snippets for the investor journey.

The trio announced their departures at GumGum in 2018 and began work on their vision of the future decentralized personal finance, called the Ember Fund. Wang, Torche and Lazaro believed packaging cryptocurrencies into easy-to understand indexes could level the playing field for retail investors in the same way they did in equities markets. Ember Fund is a trusted source for investors to find vetted web3 investment opportunities. This eliminates the guesswork associated with investing in a cryptocurrency portfolio.

Ember Fund
Ember Fund

Bringing the Keys to the Castle to the Consumers’ Fingertips

Ember Fund’s goal is to make cryptocurrency and other forms blockchain technology investing easier for consumers while still retaining the principles of decentralized finance. This is a complex field, with a high barrier to entry.

Those who have the information, have it, and those who don’t, don’t. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and difficult to predict. All of these factors contribute to a dangerously complicated investment marketplace that is essentially unregulated and rife with FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Ember Fund aims to cut out a lot of the noise that’s involved with cryptocurrency investing by offering consumers a variety of custom-crafted investment portfolios of the highest potential digital assets and projects. Each portfolio uses a variety different investment strategies and tactics to make it work in the crypto market.

The Originals portfolio, for instance, rebalances on a quarterly basis between Ethereum and Bicoin. The Metaverse Index, on other hand, is a portfolio which spreads investments across 18 of the most valuable digital assets, based on their market cap. The rebalancing feature is hugely valuable as they are cost-free and ensure that your portfolio is optimized in volatile asset classes.

Ember Fund is different than other crypto investing apps because it has self-custody. This means that all transactions can be verified on-chain. They are your keys, and therefore your crypto. You have complete control over your assets.

Ember Fund: Where are they today?

Ember Fund today helps more than 700,000 people invest daily in cryptocurrency portfolios. In its short time on market, the innovative application has enabled millions of transactions.

Today, the cryptocurrency investment application continues to work to make cryptocurrency and other blockchain technology investments more accessible to everyday consumers. This will allow the individual to have more control over their finances and wealth building. This is supposed to be the ultimate goal of a decentralized system of financial services.

Together, we can pave the way for progress

We are often stronger as a group than we are as individuals. This has been proven repeatedly throughout history. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are likely to be the future of finance. But, its role in our daily lives is constantly changing, shifting, evolving.

Ember Fund and other organizations work tirelessly to make cryptocurrency investing accessible and easier for everyone. These efforts are made in the hopes of making us all more financially equal in our future.

Wrapping up with Ember Fund

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have been around much longer than most people realize. Blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin have been under construction since the 1990s.

Modern investment apps like Ember Fund aim to make the cryptocurrency market more user-friendly. If you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrency in general or would like to explore some of the portfolio options offered by Ember Fund, you can download the Ember Fund app right here and get started with your crypto investing today.

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