WWII Veteran Wishes for 100 Birthday Cards as He Turns 100-Years-Old

February 23, 2019Feb 23, 2019

The men and women of our armed forces are some of the biggest heroes in our entire nation. They have sacrificed so much so that the rest of us can live in freedom and pursue the American way of life.

Now, one veteran is going viral. His name is Joe Cuba and he is 99 years old. His birthday request is simply so sweet and is quickly making the rounds on social media.

"A World War II veteran is about to hit a milestone birthday and has asked for the public’s help in receiving 100 birthday cards. Joe Cuba's picture went viral this week after he was pictured holding a sign asking for 100 cards. The sign read: 'I’m a WWII veteran who will be turning 100 on March 2, 2019. I would like to receive 100 birthday cards.' Cuba also included his address at the Brookdale Midwestern retirement community in Wichita Falls, Texas," reported Fox News.

Cuba was in the Army Air Corps during his time in the service. He certainly wasn't expecting the amazing response he has already seen. Many people started their own campaigns to send him even more than 100 cards. One person said they wanted to increase the number to 1,000 on Twitter.

"The veteran enlisted in the Army Air Corps before settling down in Texoma, KFDX reported. He told the station that he enjoys getting together with his fellow veterans at the retirement center and is thankful for his health. He also shared the words he always lived by.

Cuba also gave some amazing words of advice when interview by a local news outlet. It's something we can all use.

"Just keep on trucking. When you like to do something, do it," Cuba told KFDX. "...Stay with something and you'll get ahead. You'll be okay."

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