‘View’ Host Concocts Absurd Reason Why We Didn’t Elect ‘Most Qualified Candidate Ever’

May 03, 2017May 03, 2017

In an interview with CNN Tuesday, Hillary Clinton blamed James Comey, Russia, and misogyny on her loss to President Trump.

On Wednesday, liberal co-host for “The View” Sunny Hostin agreed, but she added one more reason to the list: racism.

Hostin explained, “What cost her the election is FBI Director Comey. What cost her the election, in my humble opinion, is Russia's hacking. And what cost her the election is, if you look at the stats, people, I agree with Van Jones in a sense — this was a ‘white-lash.’”

She continued, “There’ve been studies. 20% of people voted because of racism, and I think after eight years of a black president, there was no way that this woman was going to win. There was no way.”

In other words, she’s saying that Hillary — a white woman — was a victim of anti-black racism.

Co-host Jedidiah Bila, who calls herself a moderate, countered, “The country elected a black president twice because he was a good candidate! She was not a good candidate.”

“I disagree,” Hostin replied.

And then Hostin said something more absurd...STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.

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