'The Office' Star Speaks Out After Elon Musk Appears to Steal His Idea

April 26, 2019Apr 26, 2019

Rainn Wilson is known for his role on "The Office" as Dwight Schrute. Since the show ended, Rainn has stayed in touch with fans online via his social media account.

Recently, Rainn tweeted to Elon Musk and suggested an idea to him for Tesla's next project. Days later, Musk announced Tesla would be working on the idea.

"The 53-year-old actor and comedian is calling the tech mogul out for 'stealing' one of his ideas: a 'quiet' electric leaf blower. Last week, Wilson took to Twitter to request the high-tech product to Musk, who is known for his notable innovations," reported Fox News.

Fans instantly commented on Musk's post and tried to get Rainn credited for the invention. Musk wasn't having any of it.

"Tesla is going to develop a quiet, electric leaf blower," wrote Musk, while jokingly adding that "Tesla blows."

Fans were quick to link the original tweet. Musk poked fun at Rainn by incorporating an emoji, but never gave him credit.

This isn't the first time that Musk has been in charge of special interest projects. He also started another company that made a flamethrower, although they never officially called it that.

"Many fans are still fixated on The Boring Company's popular flamethrowers, which the company touts as the "world's safest" and "guaranteed to liven up any party." The flamethrowers went on sale for $500 a piece last spring and sold out within days. So far, The Boring Company says it has sold 20,000 flamethrowers to date," according to Fox News

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