‘Star Wars’ Actor Explains Why We MUST Have More Muslims On TV; You’ll Laugh

March 03, 2017Mar 03, 2017

Muslim actor Riz Ahmed, who played a defecting Imperial pilot in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” just joined the ranks of celebrities who are convincing the American public that they’re really out of touch when it comes to politics and social issues.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ahmed insisted to the British Parliament this week that the underrepresentation of Muslims on UK television screens would have deadly consequences.

He said if minorities don’t see minorities nearly as often as white people on TV shows, they could “switch off and retreat to fringe narratives, to bubbles online and sometimes even off to Syria.”

What Ahmed implied was that TV is such a controlling influence on people’s self confidence that not showing people that looked like them enough on TV would drive them to become mass murdering terrorists.

It does seem to hurt his pro-Muslim cause when he seems to paint his own people as a hair trigger away from becoming violent extremists.

“If we fail to represent, we are in danger of losing people to extremism,” Ahmed insisted.

His comments also appeared to show an ignorance for why people become radicalized and turn into extremists.

"If we don’t step up and tell a representative story … we are going to start losing British teenagers to the story that the next chapter in their lives is written with ISIS in Syria," he insisted.

His next words almost sounded like a death threat.

"We are going to see the murder of more [members of parliament] like Jo Cox because we’ve been mis-sold a story that is so narrow about who we are and who we should be."

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