'Star War' Star Gives Veteran's Daughter the Surprise of a Lifetime

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

Adam Driver, who played Kylo Ren “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” teamed up with Budweiser and the Folds of Honor Foundation to change the life of a twenty-one-year-old from Brodheadsville Pennsylvania.

Hayley Grace Williams, who is studying to be a nurse, is the daughter of John Williams, a veteran who served but was never deployed. Right before Operation Desert Storm, Williams was injured in a training exercise. His injury was so severe that he has two steel rods and six screws fusing his spine together. Today, Williams is only able to work part-time as a bus driver because working a full eight-hour shift causes him too much pain.

Hayley says her dad feels a sense of guilt, “He feels as if he wasn’t there for his buddies when they needed him.”

Because her father isn’t able to work full-time, Hayley has been paying for college entirely out of her own pocket. She works forty hours a week, but that still isn’t enough to cover the nearly $43,000 she needs to pay for her final year of nursing school.

“Receiving your scholarship would change my life and set me up to change the life of veterans like my father,” wrote Hayley in her scholarship essay.

On Tuesday, Driver, who is also a vet who was injured before he was deployed, brought her news that did change her life. The Folds of Honor Foundation was not only giving her the scholarship; Budweiser would be covering all remaining college expenses.

Watch the video to see for yourself!