'Satan' Coming To An Elementary School Near You

August 01, 2016Aug 01, 2016


Why would you call a club the After School Holocaust Club if it had nothing to do with the Holocaust? Especially if it focused on ice cream and play time? The same could be asked of the After School Satan Club, an effort by the national Satanic Temple to bring an alternative to the evangelical Christian Good News Clubs to elementary school after-school programs in America.

According to the Washington Post, the Satanic Temple "religion" says it does not believe in the existence of Satan or anything supernatural, but rather emphasizes science and atheism.

Yet they still named themselves after the most well-known religious figure outside of God in history.

The Satanic Temple says they started the After School Satan Club because “it’s important for kids to be able to see multiple points of view, to reason things through, to have empathy and feelings of benevolence for their fellow human beings."

Yet they still named the program after a being universally regarded as the ultimate purveyor of suffering, hate, cruelty, and violence.

As for what kids will be doing in the club, the Satanic Temple lists snacks, science lessons, and art projects among the activities. The Satanic Temple is specifically testing out its new club in schools that have a Good News Club. Parental permission to join the Satan Club is required.

As for who would actually be interested in enrolling their impressionable tot in a program named after the most evil being in existence, Tuscon, Arizona teacher Amy Jensen said, “As a teacher, if I were deciding whether to teach that or the fear and hatred of other people’s beliefs, which is what Good News Clubs teach, I would choose what the Satanic Temple has available."

The Satanic Temple also encourages political activism, especially with it comes to removing Christianity from American institutions. Despite claims to the latter, they really do seem to be doing someone else's work for them.