‘Roseanne’ Revival Takes Major Step Forward, but It Will Have to Clear This One Massive Hurdle

June 16, 2018Jun 16, 2018

When the dust settled after the firing of Roseanne Barr from her hit television show, fans were left wondering what next. Not only were fans shocked and saddened, but ABC executives were left scrambling. How on earth were they to replace the astronomical ratings and viewers that the Roseanne reboot had brought in?

Almost immediately, an idea for a spin-off show was put forth. The powers that be felt that they could recapture and rebrand the magic that Roseanne brought to the show by having the spin-off revolve around Sara Gilbert’s character, Darlene Connor.

The far-fetched idea has quickly been gaining steam with most of the cast members tentatively agreeing to the idea. Negotiations have heated up between between cast members, producers and ABC executives.

Whether the spin-off show actually happens will rest squarely on Roseanne Barr’s shoulders. ABC and the show’s producers want nothing to do with her and have demanded that she have no role or financial interest in the show going forward.

It would be hard to cut Roseanne out completely as she is not only main character, but one of the shows stars, creators and producers. In order to boot Roseanne out of any spin-off show, the network would most likely have to give her a massive payout to relinquish all rights.

Would Roseanne be willing to turn over her namesake show? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Roseanne has made a tentative agreement to do so.

Would ABC be willing to write such a large check to someone they cut ties with at the very hint of a scandal? If they want a chance to re-claim the millions of viewers that she brought in they will have to.

If the deal goes through, Roseanne would not be able to benefit financially from the spin-off show. However, she still keeps her financial interests in the first 10 seasons already in the book.

Even if the spin-off show makes it to the air, fans aren’t happy.

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