‘Price is Right’ Contestant Does the Unthinkable, Notching a Place in History

May 26, 2017May 26, 2017

Philadelphia native Ryan Belz, on his guest appearance on “The Price is Right,” from the outset established himself as one of the show’s most enthusiastic participants.

When he won the bid (he bid $1, underbidding the other three contestants), opening the way for him to step on stage with host Drew Carey, he ran up and down the aisles giving high-fives to members of the audience. His behavior at that moment was already worthy of a playback.

But his history-making moment hadn’t yet begun.

Belz was given the opportunity to play Plinko. Carey handed him a chip, and then gave him the challenge of earning four more. Belz, utilizing the shouting advice from the audience, managed to guess the prices on the remaining four household items on display, winning him four more chips.

After winning each chip, Belz would hop and shout with an outpouring of enthusiasm, which did not wane when Carey directed him up the stairs to the top of the Plinko board.

The goal of Plinko is to drop a chip, which resembles an oversized hockey puck, down a complicated maze in the hopes that when it reaches the bottom, it will land on one of the most prized slots. On Belz’s first attempt, his chip landed in the center of the board, $10,000 – the highest amount possible.

With $10,000 to his name, Belz again went bezerk. But he wasn’t done.

His next chip landed in the $1,000, followed by another $10,000; after that, a $500. But it was his last chip, his fifth, which cemented his place in the annals of “Price is Right” history.

As before, almost routinely, Belz dropped another chip into the $10,000 for the third time, bringing his total to $31,500 – a Plinko record (the previous top score was $30,500). His win, coupled with his overwhelming enthusiasm just for being picked as a contestant, has generated an intense buzz on social media.

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