"Outraged" Franklin Graham SLAMS ACC: "Hypocrite Hall Of Fame"

September 16, 2016Sep 16, 2016

Thank God for leaders like Franklin Graham who are not afraid to stand up to the liberal, PC mafia and stand for what is right. As you may be aware, North Carolina (Graham's home state) has been under considerable scrutiny because of their stand to maintain gender-segregated restrooms and locker rooms. The state's leaders believe this is the best for women and children's safety against sexual predators. But numerous companies and celebrities have boycotted the state over their "anti-LGBT" stance. And now the Athletic Coast Conference has pulled out of the state in protest.

Graham shared the news from his Facebook and asked people to read his letter to the ACC.



In the swiftly-written letter to the ACC commissioner and participating 15 member schools, Graham points out their incredible hypocrisy. "Indeed, the ACC’s member schools compete in 25 sports divided by gender—12 men’s sports and 13 women’s. Though gender issues may be becoming more complicated in higher education and other parts of society, the athletic conference you serve as commissioner doesn’t seem to have any problem distinguishing between the two genders—male and female. Yet, when a state like the one I live in seeks to make the same distinction with regard to use of public bathrooms in an effort to protect its citizens from those who would use the men’s room today and the women’s room tomorrow, the academic elites who comprise your conference fake a moral outrage that is frankly shameful."

Graham continued to call out the Commissioner's false pretense of morality: "Commissioner Swofford, you maintain your conference’s decision is “one of principle” and that “core values…are of utmost importance.” Well, millions of us who oppose your decision do so as a matter of principle and core values—values of privacy, safety and protection of our sons and daughters in public restrooms, and the principle that God created just two genders and assigned them at birth.

"Please don’t make political pawns of student-athletes who just want to play football or basketball in North Carolina, and don’t continue to offend millions of Americans who endorse thousands of years of gender-specific bathrooms while you continue to accept corporate sponsorship money from companies proudly conducting their business in countries that discriminate against homosexuals to the point of death."

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