New ABC Poll Shows Unbelievably MASSIVE Shift In Presidential Race

November 01, 2016Nov 01, 2016

Just over a week ago, an ABC News/Washington Post poll gave Hillary Clinton an incredible 12-point lead over Donald Trump, according to The Hill, leading many people to question the poll's accuracy, especially after a WikiLeaks release of a John Podesta e-mails describing ways to oversample certain ethnic groups in order to give Democrats a boost.

Now a new "one week out" ABC News/Washington Post poll shows a massive shift in the presidential race. Instead of Trump being behind by 12 points, now he's ahead by 1. It's the first time ABC has put Trump ahead of Hillary since their poll began near the end of June.

The new poll also shows a dramatic shift in strong enthusiasm for both candidates:

Enthusiasm for Hillary has always been low among her supporters, but she saw a huge spike and her first lead over Trump after 2005 Access Hollywood tape was released. Since then, though, she's seen a rapid decline even before the FBI reopened its criminal investigation into her e-mail scandal.

ABC also released a graph showing the accuracy of their "one week out" polls compared to their Election Day estimate and the actual votes:

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