'Masked Singer' Winner Revealed and Fans Couldn't Believe Their Eyes

February 28, 2019Feb 28, 2019

The "Masked Singer" was a new show that premiered this year. Fans were immediately drawn to the production and social media was filled with people talking about the show.

The series is based on a group of singers who all take the stage while wearing costumes and masks. They perform in front of judges who then vote on the winners of the head-to-head performances.

The losers are kicked off the show and have to reveal themselves in front of the audience. The catch is that the masked singers are famous people. Some are music artists, some are actors, others are sports figures.

Now, the winner of the inaugural season has just been announced! Fans were stunned to learn that underneath the "monster" character was the music star known as T-Pain. He is famous for some major hip-hop hits but most of them have involved autotune. While on the show this season, T-Pain only used his real voice and proved to people that he really is a terrific singer!

"T-Pain tells us this shouldn't have been such a big surprise, because his non-auto-tuned voice was featured on his first album. Still, he seems pretty happy people have noticed again. Speaking of getting noticed ... Pain says nobody does it better than Soulja, which is why he considers him the greatest artist of all time -- seriously," reported TMZ.

Social media was filled with people who couldn't believe that T-Pain was underneath the costume. It will be fun to look back on his performances now that we know he is the one doing the singing. Congratulations, T-Pain!

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