'Luckiest Man Alive' Proposes to Girlfriend, then Life Takes Unimaginable Turn

June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

A man recently claimed to be the luckiest man alive. That man is Oliver Famili. He said he felt that way after his beautiful fiancé agreed to marry him.

"He’d taken girlfriend Saina out for a special five-course meal in Playa del Carmen, hired a photographer and – his heart beating frantically – presented her with a perfectly-sized cushion-cut diamond. She immediately yelled 'yes!' and the pair started planning their big day for the summer of 2019 – the dress, the location, the first dance," reported The Sun.

Oliver recalled the moment. He described how happy it had made him.

“It was brilliant,” recalled pest exterminator Ollie. “As I presented her with the diamond I had tears streaming down my face.

However, all of that was about to change. Oliver was soon after diagnosed with an incurable type myeloma. Ollie mentioned how he had felt weak before finally going to the doctors and making the devastating discovery.

“I’m very positive,” he said. “I will beat it. I think the mind plays a big part. Even though they say it isn’t curable, I believe I will be cured. And then I will get married,” he said.

Ollie's fiancee is sticking by his side. The pair is remaining hopeful and Ollie has his heart set on a new kind of treatment that will hopefully help him. Please join us in praying for a miracle and a full recovery for this amazing man.

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