'Last Man Standing' Premiere Shakes Hollywood, Proves What Americans Really Want

September 29, 2018Sep 29, 2018

On Friday night, September 28, the popular conservative show “Last Man Standing” made its return on TV. While many conservative fans had been waiting and wishing for the show’s return, they made an even bigger statement than expected with the show’s premiere.

According to Breitbart, the “Last Man Standing” return made a historic comeback. The show starring Tim Allen brought in an enormous 8 million views.

The premiere “was also Fox’s most-watched comedy on any night in nearly seven years, excluding NFL nights, and was by far the top-rated show of Friday night,” reported Variety.

Following the premiere, star Tim Allen took to Twitter to thank the fans of the show.

He wrote, “Thanks from all of us for your eyes on our reboot…next week is even better. @LastManStanding.”

The impressive number of views on the show’s reboot premiere is not entirely surprising. The show was initially canceled in 2017, even after it had brought in solid numbers for the six seasons that it was on the air. As soon as the news of the cancellation was made public, fans took to social media to fight back.

Finally, Fox revealed that they would be picking up the show. Fans everywhere began cheering, especially because many felt that they helped in the show’s revival!

Did you watch the show’s premiere? Will you be watching this season? Let us know! In other recent news, a prominent Republican's son was just arrested for the third time on domestic violence charges.