You Won't Believe Who Just Took A Cheap Shot At Barron Trump

June 01, 2017Jun 01, 2017

Ken Jennings rose to fame as a champion on the hit trivia television show "Jeopardy!". However, Ken wasn't very smart when he recently decided to mock Barron Trump and his father on Twitter.

Most people understood he was alluding to a recent comment the President made when he said Barron Trump is having a tough time with the graphic image of Kathy Griffin beheading him. Critics were quick to condemn Ken's words, which even drew attention from President Trump's oldest son.

Ken didn't learn his lesson and reached out again, this time attacking Trump Jr. for his comments and love of hunting. He made fun of Trump Jr. by suggesting he needed to shoot some wild animals to prove his manhood.

What Ken probably didn't expect was that Trump Jr. would get Simon and Schuster, the publisher of Ken's children's book, involved in the dispute. Read the tweet below and see what a class act Donald Trump Jr. truly is.

What do you think about this? Was this over the line and pathetic or what?! What do you think should happen to Ken's publishing deal?