‘Holiday’ Liberals Celebrated Instead of Independence Day

July 11, 2017Jul 11, 2017

The Fourth of July is celebrated every year in the United States to acknowledge American independence. The federal holiday comes as a remembrance of adopting the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

However, in 2017, social media blew up with liberals choosing to celebrate a different ‘holiday’ during Trump’s first July 4th as President. Instead of Independence Day, liberals celebrated Malia Obama’s birthday. The trend appeared to begin after Chance the Rapper tweeted ‘Happy Malia Obama Day’ instead of an ‘Independence Day’ post.


The post went viral with over 124,000 retweet and 290,000 likes. Many fans followed the trend and created their own ‘Malia Obama Day’ posts. One user even posted pictures of her with a cake.



In the past, Chance the Rapper has consistently expressed his love and support for the former First Family. In June of 2017, Michelle Obama even honored him at the BET awards, which he responded with ‘tears in his eyes’. He also met with former president Obama at the White House when he was in office.


Chance the Rapper is very well-known for investing time and resources into improving the city of Chicago. He is actively working to stop gun violence and is currently in the process of donating $1 million to Chicago public schools. The rapper is also a devout Christian and refers to Jesus in many of his songs.