'Fuller House' Cast is a Family On and Off the Set

July 26, 2017Jul 26, 2017

The “Fuller House” spinoff series to the original, popular “Full House” show has been a big hit since it premiered in late 2016. The American sitcom is greatly appreciated by many conservatives for its clean humor and family-oriented persona.

Since the beginning, the characters have been very well-known for their strength as a TV family— working through family issues and celebrating the good times together. The cast proved not only are they a family on the set, but off the set, as well.

Two cast members have birthdays at the end of July— Juan Pablo di Pace (plays “Fernando”) and Michael Campion (plays “Jackson Fuller”). Many other cast members took to social media to wish them a happy birthday and share celebration photos.

Candace Cameron Bure (plays “DJ Fuller”), Andrea Barber (plays “Kimmy Gibbler”), and Jodie Sweetin (plays “Stephanie Tanner”) shared very sweet and heartwarming posts for both Juan Pablo and Michael Campion. They’re words certainly expressed how much they truly care about their cast members.





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