‘Fixer Upper’s’ Chip and Joanna Surprise Fans with Cameos from Conservative Stars

January 20, 2018Jan 20, 2018

Though this season of “Fixer Upper” will be the last for Chip and Joanna Gaines as they focus on the birth of their fifth child and to managing their family, fans are in for a double treat.

According to Fox News, two cameo appearances by conservative stars are slated to air on the show. Get ready.

On January 23rd, the Gaineses will get help from former first lady Laura Bush. She will join Chip and Joanna in renovating a home in Crawford, Texas for a good friend of the Gaineses, Jimmy Don Holmes.

On January 30, fans will be treated to a Tim Tebow cameo. Tebow and his foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, and the Gaineses have partnered to help create a wheel-chair accessible house for the Copp Family.

The family has two sons in wheelchairs. They need a home that will help accommodate their needs.

The Gaineses drew criticism when they announced that they were pregnant with their fifth child, but the star couple suffered a severe backlash from some persons who complained that they were contributing to the overpopulation of the earth. 

When the rumors began to surface that they were about to make a big announcement regarding their family, some fans thought the Gaineses were announcing that they were taking time off to focus on their struggling marriage. But this wasn’t the case.

Chip and Joanna made it clear that they were pulling away from the show to focus on their kids: Drake 12, Ella 11, Duke 9 and Emmie Kay 7, and now their soon to come fifth child.

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