‘Fast & Furious’ Actor Remembered Following Tragic Death

August 12, 2018Aug 12, 2018

It’s been five years since Paul Walker’s tragic death in a car accident. A new documentary soon to be released by Entertainment Tonight, called “I Am Paul Walker,” looks back on the iconic figure who captured the hearts and interests of so many people.

In 1998, ET first interviewed Walker, when he was young and ambitious, starring in “Varsity Blues.” According to Fox News, this was just before he got his big break in Hollywood.

In that interview, Walker expressed that he wasn’t afraid to do things his way or speak his own mind – even if it offended others and risked employment in Hollywood.

"People are so afraid to offend, or say something. You know, 'Maybe I won't get another job, I don't want to bad mouth this person or bad person,'" he said. "Personally, I like to be straight up.”

He added, “If I had some smack, or some trash to talk about someone, I'd be tempted to give it to you right now... I don't have any, and that's the real story."

In 2000, Walker landed what he called his “dream job” when he starred as Brian O’Conner in “Fast and the Furious.” He said he had to learn how to drive, even though he’d been driving all his adult life.

"We went to this racing school in Vegas," he said. "I learned a lot. I learned just how little I knew about driving!"

“I Am Paul Walker” premieres Saturday on Paramount Network. Please continue to lift up his family in your prayers. Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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