“Famous Priest” Actor Dies at 40 After Health Complications

July 20, 2017Jul 20, 2017

Actor Evan Helmuth died at age 40 on Monday, July 17th of 2017. Information on his death was released on Wednesday, July 19th. According to recent reports, he passed away after complications with a stroke.

He was best known for his star role as a priest in horror film “The Devil Inside,” which was released in 2012. In the movie he played “Father David Keane.”

Helmuth starred in other films and television shows during his acting career. The Hollywood Reporter mentions he also played in “Garfield,” “Fever Pitch,” “Bones,” and “Perception.”

Josh Appelbaum, television writer and producer, released a statement regarding Helmuth’s death. The two were reportedly “lifelong friends,” according to Deadline.

Appelbaum said, “Evan was the warmest, most generous soul imaginable. His passion for this industry was only outweighed by his passion for his friends. We met over 20 years ago at USC, where Evan was an instant lightning rod on the stage.”

He continues, “He loved his craft, he loved entertaining audiences and he was as good as it gets at both. (He also loved PEARL JAM!!!). His life and legacy will never be forgotten by the countless broken hearts around Los Angeles tonight…”

Others also responded to Helmuth’s passing via Twitter. One filmmaker stated, “I was lucky enough to have worked with Evan Helmuth twice. He steals every scene he is in. A truly amazing actor and artist. You've gone too soon my friend. Rest In Peace.”


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