‘Educational’ Toy Created to Help Transgender Children with Their Identity

July 12, 2017Jul 12, 2017

An ‘educational’ toy has reportedly been created to help transgender children understand their identity. The toy is called ‘Sam’ and is being developed in Canada from a Kickstarter page with a goal of raising $100,000. As of July 12th of 2017, the campaign has raised over $14,000.

The toy resembles the same concept as a Russian doll, in which the doll contains small and large versions. The smaller dolls are stacked to fit inside the larger dolls. See an example of a Russian doll below.

However, in ‘Sam’s’ case, the doll demonstrates a little girl’s transition to becoming a boy. The video mentions that inside every doll is a heart to symbolize ‘the you inside’ because ‘your appearance doesn’t change who you are on the inside.’

According to the Kickstarter page, Sam will be ‘the first education transgender toy.’ His (or her) purpose is to ‘stop transphobia before it starts by teaching children about gender identity.’

In the campaign video, a 14-year-old transgender who was born as a male and now identifies as a female, discusses how she always felt like a girl. Her mother also appears in the video and states, “We knew we needed to teach children that it’s okay to question their gender identity.” Her daughter adds, “And help them feel supported.”

Many are conflicted on the idea behind the toy. One user tweeted, “Child abuse for profit,” which backs the idea of pediatrician Michelle Cretella recently referring to the transgender agenda as ‘child abuse’.


Watch ‘The Daily Beast’ video below for more information. What do you think about this new toy? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!


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