Do You Ever Feel So Angry You Want To Destroy A TV With A Sledgehammer?

May 26, 2016May 26, 2016

Do you ever feel so angry that you just wish you had a sledgehammer in your hands so you could drive it through a nearby TV screen? There are businesses that cater to that, and they're popping up all over.


According to the The Guardian, so-called "rage rooms" are a rising trend of businesses that let clients vent out their frustrations by destroying inanimate objects in a controlled environment. In other words, they give you a bat or hammer or golf club and encourage you to beat the tar out of fragile things in order to feel better.

But it's not free. Tantrums LLC, based out of Houston, offers a 5-minute destruction session for $25. But people are taking them up on the offer because they say it really works. Interestingly enough, most of Tantums' clients are female.

George Mason University clinical psychology professor Todd Kashdam understands the draw, but says, "[Breaking things] just increases your arousal and thus makes you even more angry. What you really need is to reduce or learn to better manage that arousal. These violent strategies to try to get rid of anger are not in any way helping you manage your arousal."

He added, “It’s a great temporary salve, no different than going binge drinking. And like binge drinking, in the short term it works great, but at some point you’re going to wake up the next day and you’re hungover and not productive.”

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