'Cosby Show' Actor Dies in Englewood, New Jersey Home at 91

November 19, 2017Nov 19, 2017

It has been reported by the Associated Press that Earle Hyman, the man best known for playing Russell Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," has recently died. Reports claim that he died on Friday night in his home in Eaglewood, New Jersey at the age of 91. 

Hyman was a North Carolina native who began his career on Broadway as a teenager in the 1940s. After beginning his career as a member of the American Shakespeare Theater, he would then go on to receive a Tony nomination for "The Lady From Dubuque." 

The Associated Press points out that the actor was best known for his memorable role on "The Cosby Show," where he played the elderly father of Bill Cosby's character, Cliff Huxtable. Interestingly, he played Cosby's father, despite being only 11 years older. He earned an Emmy nomination for his role in 1986. Indeed, from 1984 to 1992, Hyman played on roughly 40 episodes of NBC's "The Cosby Show." 

Over the years he played in several other shows as well. For instance, he has also played in "The Merchant of Venice," "No Time for Sergeants," "Mister John," "Saint Joan," "Waiting for Godot," "Les Blancs," and "The Master Builder." 

He would go on to become a member of the American Shakespeare Theater, playing Othello on several occasions. According to the Hollywood Reporter, fans of the cult 1980s hit cartoon "Thundercats" are mourning the loss of his voice, which played that of Panthro, one of the more aggressive members of the heroic team. He was credited with 125 of the cartoon's episodes.

The famous actor is survived by his nieces Cassandra, Yvette, Monica, and his nephew Derryn. 

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