'Brutal Brawl' Breaks Out After Woman Gets Hits with Mayonnaise

April 02, 2019Apr 02, 2019

A crazy situation recently broke out at the fast-food restaurant Pepe's Piri Piri. A woman was hit with mayonnaise and then a massive brawl followed.

"In video footage of the fight, a man is seen smacking a side order of what appears to be mayonnaise at a woman sitting with friends at a Pepe’s Piri Piri restaurant in Blackburn, Lancashire, The Sun reported," According to Fox News.

The incident happened at about 10:35 at night. Allegedly, a woman was arguing with a man and the man threw the condiment sauce at her. Two men at a nearby table got up and began to fight the man at the table.

The man eventually falls to the ground before getting up and walking down the stairs and out of view. However, that wasn't the end of the altercation.

"For some reason, the beaten man returns and rushes one of the attackers, but is quickly thrown into a table. Once on the floor, the men – joined by a third friend – begin kicking and punching him while he curls up on the ground," Fox News reported.

The video of the incident has since gone viral. Over 60,000 people have viewed the chaos since it was first posted over the weekend. The actual motive for the attack has not been released, though, it is safe to say it had to do with the throwing of the mayonnaise.

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