BREAKING: Trump Gives 6 Reasons Why Mexico Will Pay For Border Wall

April 05, 2016Apr 05, 2016

Donald Trump revealed his plan today on how he'll get Mexico to pay for a 1000-mile border wall if he's elected president.

According to his campaign website, Mexico has been a burden on the U.S. through illegal immigration, stolen jobs, drug trafficking, and gang activity. And now it's time for Mexico to foot the bill for reducing the flow of people across the border and taking money from the U.S. economy. To accomplish this, Trump has a 6-point idea.


In summary:
1. Make it more difficult for money transfers to be sent back to Mexico and require legal documents for any immigrant or visitor wanting to wire money outside the U.S.
2. Watch as Mexico panics since they are so dependent on the $24 billion a year that flows in from the U.S., largely from illegal immigrants.
3. Tell Mexico to fork over $5 to 10 billion to pay for the wall if they want the flow of money to be restored.
4. If they do so, impose trade tariffs or enforce existing rules that will keep more money in the U.S. while still allowing a large amount of trade with Mexico.
5. After the wall is built, cancel visas and limit immigration to individuals like business people and tourists.
6. Increase the fees for visas and border crossing cards by a little. With more than a million cards issued every year, that alone can pay for the wall.

Trump believes Mexico is dependent on the U.S. enough to comply with his demands if he becomes president.

Do you think it will work?