Jet Crash Lands in Arizona, Details Emerge

April 24, 2018Apr 24, 2018

An air force F-16C fighter jet crashed on Tuesday at the airport in Lake Havasu, Arizona, while it was attempting to land.

According to ABC 11, the pilot was able to eject and is currently in good condition.

The jet, assigned to the 56th Fighter Wing, diverted and attempted to land at Lake Havasu City MunicicapAirport in Arizona. But during the landing, the aircraft departed from the prepared surface and the pilot was ejected. The pilot is currently in good condition but is still being transported to a local hospital. 

First responders immediately went to the site of the crash in order to see if there was a danger posed to the public. 

Shortly after the incident, the Luke Air Force Base provided an update on the condition of the driver and the accident, providing information about the exact time and location of the crash.

According to ABC 15, this was a routine training flight. 

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