'Black Obituary Project:' Write About Your Own Death By Cop

October 04, 2016Oct 04, 2016

A new website seems to be fueling the deepening tensions between the black community and police officers.

The Black Obituary Project actually encourages black people to write their own obits ahead of time in the likelihood they'll get killed by the police. The project's description says it all:

"The Black Obituary Project is a collaborative undertaking by a swath of Black folk, designed to convey the reality of state-sanctioned violence and its residual impact.

"The authors of these pre-written obituaries, all of whom are living at this point and time, serve to evidence the ease with which Black people conceive of their own death; they clarify that the so-called 'talk' Black parents must have with their children—instructing them on ways to avoid destruction at the hands of law enforcement—is not without psychological consequence.

"Further, these writers have embarked on a journey toward agency. In drafting such agonizingly introspective works, each has declined the trite and tired obituary template often employed for those killed by police in favor of their own rich tellings."

What do you think about this?