‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader: Cops Are Never Justified

September 29, 2016Sep 29, 2016

A leader of the anti-police ‘Black Lives Matter’ group believes that cops should be sitting ducks on the job and not allowed to defend themselves from criminals with weapons or suspects who act in a threatening manner towards them.

DeRay McKesson, an agitator who routinely shows up at police protests to push the narrative that police are racist and target African Americans, spoke out about the recent shooting in San Diego, California in which a man approached officers in a threatening manner and assumed a shooting stance. According to the Daily Caller, McKesson believes that a police officer is never justified in using his or her weapon.

“When is it okay for someone to kill their child?” McKesson said. “That is the only way I can think about this. Somebody’s kid is being killed.” McKesson went on to say that he could not think of an instance when it would be acceptable for a police officer to shoot a person.

McKesson brushed aside the fear of life and death situations that police find themselves in on a daily basis by saying that “people in communities don’t get to just kill people because they’re afraid. Fear doesn’t replace the need for accountability.”

McKesson was a guest speaker at San Diego State University when he made these statements. The sad thing is that there are vulnerable students in the audience who will believe these words and champion these anti-police sentiments.

If a person does not want to get shot by the police, they should not threaten or attack police officers and should not repeatedly disobey police commands. It’s common sense. Police are called upon to protect and serve the citizens of their cities and they cannot do that when they are being ignored or blatantly targeted.