‘Black Lives Matter’ Lawyer REVEALS The Ultimate Goal: Get Rid Of All Police

July 11, 2016Jul 11, 2016

A California State University, Los Angeles professor and attorney for ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors, Nana Gyamfi has revealed the ultimate goal for the racially divisive anti-police group.

Gyamfi does not want better policing or more oversight of the police departments. She doesn’t want the officers to undergo sensitivity training or even come to any agreement with them. According to the Daily Caller, Gyamfi views the police as oppressors.

“I see the police as part of the state and part of state sanctioned violence against our people,” Gyamfi said during a recent interview, “and so for me, I’m not concerned about blue lives, I’m concerned about black lives.”

Gyami’s solution to the “state sanctioned violence?” Getting rid of the police force entirely. “I want the police to be abolished,” Gyami said. “I think we should be pushing the police out of our community. I think that we should be defunding the police. I think that we should be demilitarizing the police and finally dismantling the police.”

Gyami did not elaborate as to how removing the police would make the community a safer place. She was asked about how to police criminal activity in the absence of police and suggested vigilante justice. “Well, I suggest we keep order by doing what we did before we had the influx of crack cocaine and other ills that caused us to call the police in,” Gyami said. “There was a time when black people didn’t call police into the community. We had our own means in the community.”

Gyami did say that she was not speaking officially on behalf of the BLM group, but as she is member of the ‘movement’ it is nearly impossible to separate her rhetoric from the rhetoric of the rest of the group.