Award-Winning Director Says Donald Trump is Worse Than Harvey Weinstein

October 12, 2017Oct 12, 2017

Liberal elites in Hollywood will do virtually anything to ruin the reputation of Donald Trump. Earlier this week, American actor and director Rob Reiner proved this point in his outrageous attack on President Donald Trump. 

In particular, Reiner remarked that President Trump is worse than movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the man who recently got accused of sexual harassment, assault, and rape over the course of a 30-year period. In his recent comment, Reiner acted outraged at the recent accusations toward Weinstein, but then quickly turned it onto President Trump. 

Reiner was promoting his new movie when he addressed the Weinstein scandal. 

“Harvey Weinstein is bad. He did a really bad thing. There’s no defending that. It’s horrible,” said Reiner, according to one source.

“But he’s a donor. He’s not the guy in office. How about the guy in office who gave all that money to politicians who is the President of the United States now?” Reiner asked.

“He was also an abuser,” said Reiner of Trump.

It is not clear exactly who President Trump has "abused," according to Reiner, who seemed very keen on the truth of his statement. 

“Yes, Harvey Weinstein’s a bad guy, but it’s not equal to the President of the United States,” finished Reiner.

An investigation by the New York Times claimed last Thursday that Weinstein repeatedly sexually harassed a large number of female employees and movie stars over the three decades of his career. This was a shocking discovery coming from one of Hollywood's most celebrated studio heads. 

Moreover, the shocking report alleged that Weinstein once asked Ashley Judd if she would like to watch him shower. This occurred during a meeting in his room at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. He also paid $100,000 to Rose McGowan for an unknown incident shortly after she filmed her breakthrough film "Scream."

Last month, Reiner criticized President Trump over the president's plan to stop the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. He called Trump "heartless" for the decision. 

In breaking news, President Donald Trump just announced his new secretary for Homeland Security.

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