'American Idol' Legend Experiences Heartbreaking Family Tragedy

January 17, 2018Jan 17, 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, ET Online revealed the heartbreak that Paula Abdul has been going through this week. The former "American Idol" host's mother, Lorraine Abdul, has passed away.

Paula Abdul's mother reportedly passed away on Sunday in her California home. Lorraine was 85 years old at the time of her death. 

Lorraine grew up in Minnedosa, Manitoba in one of only two Jewish families in the area. From a young age, she developed a passion for the arts and became a concert pianist. 

As a mother, Paula said that Lorraine supported her children's endeavors and was always there for their big moments. Lorraine was known as Paula's "biggest fan."

In December of 1991, Lorraine was present when Paula received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The below picture is from the event. 

While Paula Abdul has not officially commented on her mother's passing, she posted a picture on Twitter on Tuesday that fans think was alluding to it. The photo was of Abdul's recent time in Israel, a trip that she said changed her outlook on life. 

She said, "This moment from my visit to Israel is one I think of often. Pausing to watch all the vibrant life going on. EVERY MOMENT of life should be savored & treasured, whether we're alone or w/ people we love. When can you pause today to appreciate life? xoP #TuesdayThoughts."


So far, no information has been released about the official cause of death. We will update here as more information is released.

Though Paula's mother was 85 years old, a loss under any circumstance or age is difficult. Please be praying for Abdul and for the rest of her family as they mourn this loss. In other recent news, a reality star just beat a 3% survival chance. She's now cancer-free and is giving the glory to God!

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