‘Act of Terror’ Occurs in Paris, France

June 06, 2017Jun 06, 2017

An officer was attacked outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France on Tuesday. The incident has been classified as an ‘act of terror’, according to Fox News.

Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic Cathedral and is one of the most famous and largest biblical churches in the world. It is also a very popular tourist attraction in the area, attracting nearly 30,000 people daily.

The man bashed a police officer in the head with a hammer. Prior to the officer being hit in the head, the man was reportedly threatening many other civilians and policemen.

The attacker was then shot, leaving both to be hospitalized. Before being shot, the attacker shouted 'This is for Syriah!' Following investigations, he also claimed that he was a 'soldier of Isil', verifying previous claims that this was indeed a terrorist attack. The attacker has not yet been identified. However, an investigation is still ongoing to determine more details regarding the incident.

People inside the cathedral were originally 'trapped', but police quickly cleared the area.


This 'act of terror' comes shortly after multiple other terrorist attacks occurring the past few weeks, including the Manchester suicide bombing and London Bridge attack. 

Please keep the officer and city of Paris in your prayers. Thank you!