'90,000 Kids Were Detained Under Obama and No One Cared'

June 20, 2018Jun 20, 2018

The Trump administration has been brutally criticized in recent days for a "zero-tolerance" police at the U.S. border regarding illegal immigration. Photos of detained immigrants trying to illegally enter the states have made headlines around the globe.

Many liberals, in what can only be described as a desperate attempt to draw attention away from President Trump's winning record and recent success with North Korea, have started a battle cry as activists for the separated families at the border. Photos of children crying and being separated from their families are going viral.

However, in true liberal fashion, most of the critics fail to realize it was the Obama administration that left the chaos for President Trump. It is now the Trump administration that is seeking to find a resolution to the problems Obama simply passed on.

"The Obama administration actually expanded the system of detaining families – typically mothers and their minor children – after a huge surge of Central Americans along the U.S.-Mexican border in 2014. The policy resulted in many minors being detained in various locations, in much-criticized conditions, either with their families or by themselves, if they had crossed the border alone," reported Fox News.

Also, what many seem to be forgetting is who the blame ultimately falls on. Is it President Trump's fault that these kids were detained or is it the fault of the illegal immigrants who try to sneak their family into the nation?

Donald Trump's campaign manager for the 2020 election has recently tweeted about the situation.

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