'40-Year-Old Virgin' Actor Faces Serious Prison Time After Shocking Incident

August 29, 2018Aug 29, 2018

The world of Hollywood is portrayed as being a glamours place. Americans view the life of celebrity actors as being filled with luxurious mansions and fancy cars. It seems to be. Life without problems!

However, that seems to rarely be the case as we witness more and more celebrities dealing with serious issues in their lives. This comes after numerous celebrities have recently entered rehab or gotten divorced.

Now, an actor from a famous movie is facing a tough road in his future. According to reports, Shelley Malil has just been granted parole.

"An actor famous for his role in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” will be sprung from jail after serving a sliver of his life sentence for stabbing his girlfriend dozens of times and nearly killing her," according to Page Six.

Luckily, his girlfriend at the time survived the attack. Now, he is facing life after prison and is set to be released in two weeks.

"The actor stabbed gal pal Kendra Beebe 23 times in 2008 when he caught her on the patio of her San Marcos home drinking wine with another man. He was handed a life sentence in 2010 for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon," reported Page Six.

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