'Disney is Excited to Publicize My Gay Lifestyle to Preschoolers' Declares Cartoon Creator

August 15, 2017Aug 15, 2017

Disney has come under criticism after recently promoting same-sex marriages in several children’s shows. Anger first appeared when Disney announced that “Beauty and the Beast” would...

Toxicology Report Reveals Surprising Number of Drugs in Tiger Woods' DUI Arrest

August 15, 2017Aug 15, 2017

Golf superstar Tiger Woods has been in the public eye for the last two decades for both positive and negative reasons. While his golf statistics are...

Chick-fil-A Further Invades A.M. Fast Food Market With New Breakfast Item

August 15, 2017Aug 15, 2017

Chick-fil-A continues to gain popularity as it expands across America, topping customer surveys and drawing crowds everywhere it opens a new location. It’s friendly customer service,...