High School Students Stand Up for God in Viral Video

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

Students from East Catholic High School stood up for God and faith in a recent, powerful and inspirational video. The video has gone viral, leaving many...

Mika Brzezinski Mocks President Trump, Responds to His Comments By Tweeting This Photo

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

President Trump created a firestorm Thursday morning by responding to a series of attacks on him by MSNBC “Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough....

A Deadly Brain-Invading Parasite is Running Rampant in This Southern State

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

Scientists in Florida have discovered that rat lungworm is prevalent in five counties, and the potentially fatal parasite may be expanding its geographical range on account...