Franklin Graham Schools Princess Kate About Indecent Photos

May 03, 2017May 03, 2017

Franklin Graham's got a point. While the lack of privacy from camera phones everywhere (and for celebrities, the paparazzi) is troubling, you just have to take it...

Trump Prepared to Sign Executive Order Thursday, Sure to Make Social Conservatives Happy

May 02, 2017May 02, 2017

On Thursday President Trump plans to sign into law an executive order which, in an earlier draft, drew intense criticism from liberal camps.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Reaction to His Son’s Tragic Birth is Inspiring. Details Here.

May 02, 2017May 02, 2017

When Jimmy Kimmel’s second son was born on April 21, elation soon turned to despair when Kimmel and his wife Molly McNeary learned that William John...