Kate Middleton Glitters in Gorgeous White Gown for State Dinner with Pres. Trump

June 03, 2019Jun 03, 2019

Kate Middleton dazzled at the state banquet at Buckingham Palace for President Donald Trump. She was there as part of the president's official visit. Middleton, who...

Democratic Frontrunner Exposes What Could Happen To Christians If He Becomes President

politics america faith
June 03, 2019Jun 03, 2019

The Democratic Party is basically built upon two moral pillars, maybe three. The main two are abortion and the LGBTQ agenda (and the third would be...

Melania Shines in Glamorous Gown for State Dinner at Buckingham Palace

June 03, 2019Jun 03, 2019

First Lady Melania Trump glittered in a classy white gown for a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. The dinner is part of a three-day visit to...