ANOTHER Popular Retail Store To Close 400 Stores!

April 04, 2017Apr 04, 2017

It has been a hard time for the retail industry recently. Another famous retail store has announced they will be closing up to 400 stores immediately. ...

PARENTS: Call 911 IMMEDIATELY If You Get A Call Like This!

April 03, 2017Apr 03, 2017

A Massachusetts mother received a heart-stopping phone call that police are spreading the word about. According to authorities, a mother received a call about her daughter...

WATCH: Truck Driver Of Fatal Church Bus Crash, Minutes Before Crash

April 01, 2017Apr 01, 2017

Jody Kuchler and his girlfriend, Thania Sanchez, were driving behind the Dodge pickup that swerved across the center lane, crashing into the church bus filled with senior citizens. ...