Condition of Shot GOP Congressman Released; He Definitely Needs Prayer

June 15, 2017Jun 15, 2017

For over two minutes, 66-year-old gunman James T. Hodgkinson fired shots at Republican congressmen practicing for a charity baseball game and exchanged fire with Capitol Hill...

President Donald Trump Responds After Sources Say He is Under Investigation

June 15, 2017Jun 15, 2017

President Donald Trump is reportedly under investigation for ‘obstruction of justice’, following the Russian-ties involvement in the U.S. 2016 presidential election, reports NBC News. According to...

Dodge Recalls 300,000 Vehicles Over Serious Airbag Glitch

June 15, 2017Jun 15, 2017

Not everybody likes vehicle airbags, but they have been credited with saving thousands of lives. But what if your airbag goes off when you’re just driving...