Every Parent's Nightmare, Toddler Praying For A Miracle

March 21, 2017Mar 21, 2017

Just last year, three-year-old Ashlyn Belcher played with her older sister like any other toddler would. Ashlyn loved going to church, playing with her puppy, and...

Traumatized Mom Shares Her Scary Experience In The Bathroom At Disneyland

March 20, 2017Mar 20, 2017

It happened at Disneyland, but really it could happen anywhere. Kristen Quintrall is is a liberal California mom who didn't have any problems with the idea...

As NFL Players Sign For Free Agency, You Won't Believe What Happens To Anthem-Protesting Colin Kaepernick?

March 15, 2017Mar 15, 2017

After becoming the talk of the season last year for refusing to stand during the National Anthem, the San Francisco 49er's quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, declared his...