9-Year-Old Boy Who Wrote Trump Fan Letter is Now Getting Publicly Shamed

August 08, 2017Aug 08, 2017

On July 26, a letter that a 9-year-old boy wrote to President Trump made national headlines. The publicity began at a White House press briefing when Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to start a tradition of reading letters from children to the president.

The first letter that she read came from Dylan, or “Pickle.” The boy expressed his admiration for President Trump, asked questions, and asked if the two of them could be friends.

After the letter was read, speculations about the authenticity of the letter circulated and the media became obsessed with trying to find out if it came from a real person. Liberals also used the letter to push their political agendas, arguing that if a child wanted to know how much money the president has, tax information needs to be released.

After the media would not relent on their search for the boy, most likely hoping that he would not actually be real, someone found him. The Washington Post discovered that the author was 9-year-old Dylan Harbin from California.

After a series of interviews with the Harbin family, news began to surface about the shame that the young boy has received for standing in support of President Trump. In the letter, Dylan said that his birthday party theme incorporated the president and that he had a cake in the “shape of [his] hat.”

What the letter didn’t say, however, is the trouble that Dylan and his mother had to go through in order to get that cake. His mother had visited multiple bakeries asking for a “Donald Trump cake” for her son’s birthday. She could not find one bakery willing to fulfill the request. His mother ended up having to bake the cake herself.

This stirred up some questions: Why can a baker decline to bake a cake supporting President Trump but not a cake that goes against their morals?

Michael P. Farris of the Alliance Defending Freedom commented on the situation. The ADF is an organization that protects Christian bakers or artists who do not want to participate in the “sacramentalization of sin inherent in a same-sex marriage.” Rather than saying that the decisions to forgo making a cake supporting President Trump were wrong, Farris focused on the hypocrisy of the situation.

He said, “No one on the Left is calling for legal action against the [anti-Trump] cake shops. And neither should anyone on the Right. The fact is that these cake shops have freedom of speech. They have the right to decline to use their artistic talents to celebrate events or promote messages that violate their beliefs, even if it offends a nice little kid.”

What do you think about this? Do you agree with Farris? Let us know what you think on Facebook! Recently, the Alliance Defending Freedom has been defending a Christian florist who was sued for declining her services for a same-sex wedding. The case is on its way to the Supreme Court!

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