9 Sharks Seen After Woman was Attacked, Beaches Still on Advisory

May 04, 2017May 04, 2017

Leeane Ericson is in critical condition after being attacked by a shark near San Diego, California. The shark bit the 36-year-old in the back of her right leg while she as swimming. She was flown to Scripps Memorial Hospital immediately. 

Since the attack, shark sightings have become more abundant, including a sighting of a large group of sharks.

According to sources, 9 sharks measuring 8-10 feet were seen about 14 miles north of San Onofre, where Leeane was attacked. It was also reported that an 11-foot shark was sighted swimming under the San Clemente pier. 

Many beaches have been closed, and some have since been reopened with red flags posted for warnings of hazardous conditions. State Parks do not have the manpower to keep people from surfing or swimming and many people are still in the water.



However, City beaches are still closed and you may even get a citation for surfing in the waters. 

“The seriousness has escalated. And we do have the manpower to enforce. It’s a real slippery slope if you allow people to go in the water when it’s closed. When you allow 2 people, it turns to 20 and 40. We have kids, we have families, we have a variety of people to look out for,” San Clemente's lifeguard chief Bill Humphreys said. “Say that person gets hurt, with any kind of injury, now the lifeguard have to respond in this water that we’ve deemed potentially dangerous."

The amount of shark activity this week: "It's nothing we've seen before,” Humphreys said.

There have been drones flying over the coast to keep an eye out for sharks, as well as watching for them from boats. 

“We’re just taking a very prudent and cautious approach right now,” he said.

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