90 Day Fiance’s Ari Weinberg Calls Wine-Throwing Incident ‘Crazy’

Talk about red on the face! A reality show is incomplete without a famous drink toss. Ariela “Ari” WeinbergThat was the moment I opened my eyes to the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 trailer — in which her husband Biniyam “Bini” Sibre‘s sister throws a glass of red wine in her face.

“It was weird for me to even see it [on camera]. I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, like, that looks crazy,’” the New Jersey native, 30, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “And it was crazy.”

In the first look clip released last month, Ari got into it with Bini’s sisters, Wish Mimi, who have often criticized the TV personality throughout the couple’s time on the 90 Days franchise.

“We treat you like a sister,” Wish claims, to which Ari retorts that they don’t.

In a confessional, Wish adds, “[Ari] don’t respect us. She don’t respect [Bini]. And I think she’s psycho.”

Once Ari tells her partner’s sisters, “I’m not going to marry you guys. I’m marrying Bini,” that’s when things get heated. Wish throws a full glass of red wine in her future sister-in-law’s face and abruptly exits.

Ari described her reaction to that intense moment. Us, noting part of the reason why the wine toss was so “shocking” was because of the outfits she and Bini were wearing at the time.

“I was wearing a white dress and he was wearing a brand new tailored suit,” she explains.

She also shared her reasons for not retaliating against Wish.

90 Day Fiance Ari Bini Sister Throwing Wine My Face Was Crazy

Bini and Ari on ’90 Day Fiancé.’
Zacharias Abubecker/TLC

“Two things there,” the reality star tells Us. “One is: That’s family at the end of the day. The other is that red wine really does burn. So no one is doing anything after that.”

She adds that she’s “just trying to be a peaceful person and more calm, ‘cause we’ve seen me throughout my time on the show [and I] kind of freak out a lot,” telling Us that she’s in a “new stage in my life” as a mom. (Ari, Bini share Avi, 2.

“I’ve been practicing my Zen,” she notes. “I’m like, ‘Just remember the Zen, just remember the Zen.’”

Ari and Bini’s relationship has played out in front of 90 Day Fiancécameras for two-years, ever since they starred in the movies 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way2020. During their time on the franchise, the two have weathered everything from Wish’s meddling — she once told Ari that she saw her brother with other women, which Bini denied — to the difficulty of the visa process.

This upcoming season, Ari revealed that the teaser definitely didn’t show everything that happens between the two of them. “There’s still some pretty crazy things” to come, she tells Us.

One moment she’s particularly excited about airing is when Bini “gets to meet my whole family” after he moves to the U.S. “I’m so happy here,” Bini concurs. “Especially for seeing Ariela’s family. Everything seems to be different [from Ethiopa], especially New York.”

Season 9 90 Day FiancéPremieres on Discovery+, TLC, and Discovery+ Sunday April 17, 8 p.m. ET.

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