Sick 8-Year-Old Writes Book for Other Ill Kids, Is Blown Away When Trump Shows Up to See Him

August 30, 2018Aug 30, 2018

Donald Trump is arguably the most powerful man in the world. As the leader of America, President Trump has a very busy schedule and numerous meetings every single day.

However, despite his busy agenda, President Trump just did something amazing. He took the time to visit a chronically ill young man who authored a book for other sick children.

"Meet Ashton Zari, an 8-year-old West Virginia boy who has already accomplished some impressive feats in his young life. Ashton has bravely persevered through chronic kidney disease and painful surgeries, using his pain as a catalyst to help others. Hoping to encourage other medically fragile kids, Ashton has written and published his first book, 'How I Became A Super Hero,'" reported Western Journal.

When President Trump and Melania happened to be in the hospital, Ashton's amazing nurse and mother reached out to staffers and were able to tell Ashton's story to President Trump. However, that wasn't enough for Trump. He decided he had to meet the young boy!

This is such an amazing story and is sure to be a moment that Ashton will never forget! Please join us in praying for God' healing power to grace Ashton's life!

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